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Exercicios de Inglês Wh - Questions

Escolha a resposta adequada a cada pergunta feita abaixo que foram feitas utilizando as palavras interrogativas: What,which,Who,when,why,whose,where, how:

1) How often do you play tennis?a. On Tuesday.b. For two hours.c. Almost every day.d. With John.
2) Where do you usually eat lunch?a. Sandwich.b. With Jane.c. At 12:00.d. In the cafeteria.
3) How long did you study last night?a. With Bob.b. In my room.c. English.d. For three hours.
4) What kind of novels do you like?a. Yes, I do.b. I like spy novels.
5) What kind of work do you do?a. I work every day.b. I'm a piano teacher.c. I worked for two hours.
6) How many hours a day do you watch TV?a. About two hours.b. In my living room.c. I watch the news.d. On Tuesday.
7) What is your busiest day of the week?a. In the morning.b. Every day.c. Tuesday.d. Last week.
8) My mother is a good cook.a. I agree with you.b. I agree you.c. I agree to you.d. I agree for you.
9) What does "TV" mean?a. For one hour.b. Yesc. Television.d. For one hour.e. On Friday.
10) How do you spell "dog"?a. Nob. D-O-Gc. Nod. I don'te. Cat.f. I have one dog.
11) What did you do yesterday?a. I am swimming.b. I swim.c. I will swim.d. I swam.
12) What do you like to drink?a. Coffee.b. Saturday evening.c. Two.d. With my friends.
13) What did you eat last night?a. At six.b. Spaghetti.c. With my family.d. At home.
14) What are you doing?a. I'm eating.b. I ate.c. I will be eating.d. I have eaten.
15) What will you do this afternoon?a. I play soccer.b. I played soccer.c. I'll play soccer.d. I was playing soccer.
16) It seems to me that most restaurants are too expensive?a. I don't think it.b. I don't think.c. I don't think so.
17) Where's Mike?a. At school.b. At eight.c. For three hours.d. No, he isn't.
18) Where do you do your homework?a. With John.b. In the evening.c. About one hour.d. Every day.e. At home.
19) When did you go to that restaurant?a. Spaghetti.b. With Jane.c. Last night.d. About 30 minutes.
20) When was the last time you took a picture?a. A picture of Jane.b. Seven pictures.c. About four days ago.d. With my camera.
21) Marque a alternativa cuja frase não apresente um Modal Verb.
a) You shouldn’t drink much.
b) May I ask you a question?
c) She had gone to Italy.
d) We must obbey the law.

22) A frase “You mustn’t take medicine” expressa:
a) uma ordem.
b) uma obrigação.
c) uma advertência.
d) uma proibição.

23) Usando os verbos modais, complete a frase “We_________ go to the club. It depends on the weather” (Nós _______ ir ao clube. Vai depender
do clima.) corretamente.
a) might.
b) must.
c) will.
d) can.
24) Qual é a alternativa que completa corretamente a frase “________ you play the keyboard?” (Você ________ tocar teclado?)?
a) May.
b) Can.
c) Shall.
d) Would.

25) Qual é a forma negativa da frase “They could work together”?
a) Not they could work together.
b) They not could work together.
c) They could not work together.
d) They could work together not.

26) Qual é a forma interrogativa da frase “I should have lunch with him”?
a) Have I should lunch with him?
b) Do I should have lunch with him?
c) I should have lunch with him?
d) Should I have lunch with him?

27) Marque a alternativa que tenha a correspondência correta entre o verbo modal da frase e o uso desse verbo.
a) Everybody would like to live in a better world. – Indica certeza.
b) Ted might get a job soon. Probabilidade
c) We shall leave work at 6 p.m. – Indica
d) Carol must be at school now. – Dedução.

28 Julgue C (certo) ou E (errado) as afirmações abaixo:
( ) Os Modal Verbs não são considerados verbos auxiliares.
( ) Eles não usam verbos auxiliares para formar a negativa e a interrogativa.
( ) Os verbos modais são invariáveis.
( ) O Modal Verb Shall é usado apenas em situações formais.
( ) Quando se quer indicar uma habilidade no passado usa-se o modal Can.

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